Which is better Muxic or Djay

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Hi Everyone, I just bought Djay for my phone, however, I'm reading where Muxic can do at least what I mainly am looking for, and that's eliminate the dead air between songs. My questions are: which app is better to use? Is there a podcast on Djay? I see where you can record on Djay, but do the recordings take up space on your device, or are they stored in Djays music folder or something like that? Thanks in advance, love this sight!! Shane.



Submitted by Isaac Hebert (not verified) on Thursday, April 4, 2013

Both apps are just as good.

Submitted by Shane on Friday, April 5, 2013

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Hi Isaac and All, I've downloaded both apps, and have been playing around with them. From a blind person's point of view, which app do you find to be easier to navigate? Because let's say if I am DJaying, and I want to load a song while another song is playing, wouldn't VoiceOver speak over the song that is being currently played? I know with theDjay app, You can queue up a song using headphones, but I do not have the wire that I would need to do that with right now. Would I be able to do that with the Muxica app? Maybe, if there is some of you on here that use the DJ app, you can make a podcast on the app? I've emailed the developer, and asked a few questions as well. Another thing that I've noticed, is that I cannot get songs to Go into the queue for some reason. When I double tap on the queue, nothing happens. As you can probably tell, I'm new to this DJ stuff, so if any of you have any pointers, feel free to chime in. Thanks, Shane.

Hi Shane, I see these apps being totally different. It depends what kind of an app you want. Djay is an app for dj's, and can be used with the Griffin DJ Cable, where as muxica is an app for listening to music. Djay is for mixing songs together, and creating your own DJ mix, using virtual decks, where as Muxica allows you to queue songs, and have them crossfade between each other. AS for your muxica question, you select songs from the library view in the second tab, choosing either songs, artists, playlists, ETC and you can either replace the current queue, or mix the songs in to the current queue. Hope this has helped, Kieran

So Kieran, let's say if someone were to ask me to queue a song up using Muxica while a current song is playing, wouldn't Voiceover read out the songs as they are being found? But I guess I could always queue the songs up beforehand. Or how would this work with Muxica?

I'm not sure how you'd get around this, besides queuing the songs before hand, or using a braille display with speech off. You could write to the devs and see if they have a solution. HTH