Which functions you wish voiceover had?

iOS and iPadOS

I'd love the possibility to add custom gestures to activities. Imagine how nice it would be to have custom gestures for scriviner or pages or whatever word processing app you use. Also, adding gestures for specific functions inside apps, a 2 fingers sweep up to send a message in whatsapp for example.
What do you think?



Submitted by Lee on Saturday, May 16, 2020

Hi, a way to select multiple apps for deletion all at once. On the phone having to delete apps 1 by 1 is a pain. I believe there is a 3rd party app that may do this but if Apple built this option in would be great.

Submitted by Ekaj on Saturday, May 16, 2020

Hi. My feature request might sound a bit trivial, but I'll explain why I chose this. I wish there was a way to toggle voicemail on/off. Recently I've been experiencing a rather odd issue with it. I haven't been able to receive voicemail notifications unless I manually call my iPhone and let voicemail take the call. I moved back in with my parents and 2 sisters at least until my state's shelter-in-place order is lifted. My parents recently cut the cord and are using only their mobile phones. I'm not yet fast enough typing on my phone, in order to enter my voicemail PIN in time. This problem seems to come and go for some reason, and a sister and I seem to be the only ones experiencing it. Not my typing but the voicemail issue. We are on a family plan, so all of us use the same carrier. I just enabled the auto-answer feature on my phone, and like it. Talking caller ID is great, but sometimes I get voicemails from people telling me I don't have to return their call or whatever.

Submitted by cool cat on Saturday, May 16, 2020

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Hi! If you are having troubles typing in your voicemail password not fast enough. Hopefully I remember correctly, you can do 2 things 1. Instead of pushing your call voicemail button, using the iPhone keypad type in a number (in this case you will be typing in your own number), do a one finger double tap on the star and hold it down until you hear Voiceover say comma, then type in your pin number or extension, then hit call. This first option should suffice for you. Or,two, if you call a number and need to type out a pin or extension at a later prompt, then go to iPhone keypad, type out your number and do a one finger double tap and hold down the pound key until you hear Voiceover say number sign. Then type your pin or extension. When you get to the prompt, well it's a little hazy for me here but, I think you put your finger in the bottom left of the phone and swipe right until you hear your pin or extension and do a double tap. at that point your pin or your extension will be inserted. i find these actions very handy for long numbers you don't have enough time to enter before you get timed out. here is a link to the podcast and a description of the episode. You want to listen to the last part of the description. the podcast is https://www.canadialog.com/articles/3767/ios-tips-the-accessibility-sho… iOS tips: The accessibility shortcut, reactivate speech and dial an extension number during a call
In this podcast published on March 4th, 2020, Alexandre presents three tips for iOS users.
As a first tip, you will learn more about the accessibility shortcut, how to use and configure it. This can be particularly useful to quickly activate or deactivate an accessibility feature or in case accessibility present a strange behavior. Note that this shortcut will not necessarily be active by default, so you will find out more information on how you can activate it when listening to this podcast.
Second, learn what to do if your device suddenly stops talking to you. Knowing that a device who doesn’t speak anymore can be quite annoying in case you only use VoiceOver, see how to solve this issue without causing more trouble.
Finally, you can familiarize yourself with a trick to make it easier to dial extension numbers. Suppose you need to call the hospital and may reach extension 1234 to make an appointment. You can call the hospital the same way you would call your best friend and, as soon as you hear the welcome message, dial the desired extension number while listening to VoiceOver’s instructions through the voice prompt played by the hospital. However, some users have complained that it can be difficult to hear what VoiceOver announces during a call, especially if a message is heard in the background. The trick presented here will therefore allow you to dial the extension number before even placing the call and therefore making sure that your iPhone dials it for you at the appropriate moment once the call was established. Everything can be done on the spot, without even having to create or edit any contact.