Working alternatives for Telegram?

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iOS and iPadOS

is anyone aware of a good working alternative for the Telegramapp ?
I tried Bright Guide on iOS and iPad OS. It‘s way better than the Telegram app itself. But it‘s not really a good alternative. Many things don‘t work as expected. For example I‘m not able to send messages in groups all though I should be able. In the Telegram app itself it works fine. But in Bright Guide theres not even an action for this.
What‘s also not so nice: A lot of media content doesn‘t play if it needs to be downloaded. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn‘t.
On Mac OS I tried TweeseCake. But on my MacBook Pro with M1 Pro it even doesn‘t start. It does something and closes down imediately after clicking on it.
So, any apps out there which are more accessible than Telegram and Bright Guide?
Thanks and all the best