iOS Microphone bug


I searched for this issue not on this site, but the whole net, and I couldn't find anything.
After dictating something on a text field the microphone keeps active, and nothing but a phone call or a device restart will stop it. You can check this by dictating something, and setting a very high or low volume, then make a phone call, you can dial your number. Now check the volume, it will be different. Also, this causes battery to drain faster.

Anyone noticed this? Or am I becoming crazy.


I ahve never had this issue.

I ahve never had this issue. Try restarting your phoen and see if that goes away.

I use my phoen a lot and have never even noticed this issue and I have a very good ear for this kind of stuff.

Take care.

Yes. Very anoying.

Ever sence the release of iOS 7.1 this issue has been going on. I'm curious if apple is awhare of this? Anyone know? It happends on both my iPhone 5 and iPad 3.

Same here!

I have to admit to being relieved that I'm not the only one noticing it. I actually just figured out a few days ago that this was the cause of my battery draining so quickly. A temporary fix seems to be to disable Siri, reboot the phone, and re-enable Siri. That's worked for the time being (I did this Friday and haven't had the issue since then). But I have no idea how long it will be before I have to do it again.

Giving feedback to apple.

I just contacted apple and it seems that apple wasn't awhare of this until now. If all of you are having this problem, I advise you to contact them as well.

Dictation bug in ios 7.1

Hi all. Just became a member to inform everyone that i have been working with apple for the last month and a half regarding the issue of dictation causing the battery to drain after the screen is locked. Last week myself and several apple techs at my local store replicated the problem and sent the data logs directly to apple engineering. They are hopefully working on a resolution. The problem is voice over specific and started in ios 7.1. Apple accessibility should be aware. Ask for Andrew. Btw thanks to the original poster that identified the problem.

Microphone bug in iOS

Yes, I have noticed that bug with the microphone. As long as you use Siri, again, that will fix the problem.

I heard about this bug

Hello, upon listening to a demonstration of multiple iOS microphones done by Patrick who helps create the serotalk podcast, he pointed out this bug where after dictating something, it uses the dictation microphone to record other things. He said one of the ways to stop this is to activate Siri and then dismiss her. Hopefully they are able to fix this. Best, Jesse

Hmm. dunno why I don't have

Hmm. dunno why I don't have the bug. I'm glad I don't though. I do use siri daily and constenetally and my battery still lasts about 8-10 hours.

Take care.

Don't have this bug either

I don't have this bug either. I have an iPhone 5C. I have other commonly reported bugs here, but not this one. Strange, hope they fix soon.

I have an iphoen 5. I wonder

I have an iphoen 5. I wonder if those that are having the bug are doing sometign different then those of us that use siri and don't have the bug?

no fix

how hard is it to fix a problem like this, or is this going to extend to iOS 8? many times i forgot to take countermeasure, and my battery nearly ran dry in the middle of the day. very unhappy, i miss Scott Forstall.

on 7.1.2

can somebody confirm if this microphone issue has or hasn't been fixed on 7.1.2?

I really don't understand

I really don't understand this isue. Very few of us have it, How can we actually tst to see if this is a voice over related issue regardign the mic? Just currious as this does not make much sence to me.

Tc all.

I was having some battery

I was having some battery drainage issues so did Raul's test. I did notice the difference in levels between the Siri voice and the voiceover voice after dictation. I stop dictation with the two finger double tap. So, my question is, how does this tell us the microphone is still running?
I have installed the 7.12 update.

Tha'ts what I want to know as

Tha'ts what I want to know as well. I kind of dont' notice the volume difference as I normally justturn the volume p before I dictate. How exactly can you tell if the mic is still on after you finish and again how do we really know it's a vo bug and not a general siri bug?

Microphone podcast?

I would like to hear the podcast Patrick did on multiple microphones for iOS. I searched the website but didn't find that podcast. Could you point us to the podcast Jesse?


I don't think it's a Siri bug, as it doesn't happen to me when I use Siri specifically. Actually, that's how I get the mic to disengage after I've used it to do something like dictate text in an email. The only time I have this issue is if I use the two-finger double-tap to enable the dictation feature while in something like a text message or email. Once I do the two-finger double-tap again to stop recording, I can tell that something's not right. VO's volume changes, and my phone starts to lag significantly. This is also when the battery starts to drain about 3 times faster than normal. If I then activate Siri by pressing and holding the Home button and then doing a quick press of the Home button to disengage Siri, everything goes back to normal. No more fast battery drain, no more lag, and VO's volume returns to where it was originally.

since you asked

"Tha'ts what I want to know as well. I kind of dont' notice the volume difference as I normally justturn the volume p before I dictate. How exactly can you tell if the mic is still on after you finish and again how do we really know it's a vo bug and not a general siri bug?"

when apple didn't fix this bug in 7.1.1, i suspected this was a vo only problem, so i tested it. it's not hard to do. go to any text entry field, turn vo off, dictate something, then lock the phone. no hissing, no battery drain, no problem.
as for microphone stays on, i never said that, maybe someone did. i stopped jailbreaking my device since ios 4.3, without that, there is no way to tell low level activities like device state, but the speaker stays on, it is easy to tell. and when speaker stays on and making hissing sound, it uses energy, one doesn't need to be a genius to understand that.

as for volume change when you use dictation, i have a work around for you. go to control center and find out your current volume level. then active siri, then swipe from the bottom to get to control center, you will notice the volume level is different. yes, siri does maintain its own volume channel. what you need to do is adjust either volume so the siri and the regular master volume are at the same level. as long as you don't change your master volume, dictation will no longer change your regular volume.

re: battery issues with and with out siri

Hmm¬ I hear the hissing but that has been around since ios4.X as for the lagging I don't even get that and my battery does not drain at all with the magic tap to dictate. No volume issues either. I still want concrete proof in xcode logs though that this is happening and I also want to know why this does not happen on some phones yet it happens on others. Most of us are using the 5 series of phones so the next question is does this also happen on the 4 series of phones as well?

Hi, since I never dictate on

Hi, since I never dictate on siri, I didn't notice it. I am using an iPhone 4s, and the speaker hisses. My battery can wait up to 2 days if I don't use it at all.

I jsut tested this again and

I jsut tested this again and I also never noticed. My speaker always hisses and my battery never drains. Can last up to a day if I am very careful.

I have it too now

IT is strange how some people have this bug, whilst others don't. For a long time I was reading this post but didn't have the bug myself, now I have, and you can tell in 2 ways: firstly, when you hit the button to dictate, the dictation sound is quieter than it used to be and takes a noticeable fraction longer to sound than it used to. When turned off, Voiceover is significantly more quiet. I disabled Siri and re-enabled it but that hasn't resolved it. Again like others, using Siri again resolves. It is disappointing that something that once worked really well is now more effort than it's worth but hopefully a fix will be with us soon. Here's hoping.

I sorted it out

So today I stumbled on a fix which I really hope might help you.
I dictated something, and obviously after that Voiceover was more quiet as happens to me with this bug. I decided I'd look in control centre and see if it was actually turning the volume percentage down, and bingo! It was. I then adjusted the slider to what it had been before the dictation. It behaved strangely as the values changed but the volume didn't, but after a few seconds and pressing home, it was back.
Now, subsequent to this, dictating is having no effect on my volume, and as I'm not losing charge at an abnormal rate, it looks like it's working again bug free.

let's see

"Hmm¬ I hear the hissing but that has been around since ios4.X as for the lagging I don't even get that and my battery does not drain at all with the magic tap to dictate. No volume issues either."

i believe you stated in another thread that the hissing went away in 30 seconds, which is normal by the way. so you still have constant hissing since ios 4x? if that's the case, you have a far bigger elephant in the room. if you insist the hissing doesn't drain your battery, i suggest you theorize it, you'll win a nobel prize, i'm serious. the law of "conservation energy" certain doesn't agree with that.
as for volume change, you won't necessarily get it. it happens only when the master and siri volume are not in sync.

you're not out of the woods

"it looks like it's working again bug free."
it only cures your volume fluctuation issue, your speaker remains active if you don't take counter measure. maybe you think you don't have that bug, either, but you'll get it soon.
i have all models of iphone since 3gs, and my grand mom has the 5c, i tested all the dictation capable models.

Voice Input on Edit Fields

Well when doing a voice input on any edit field I tap the Microphone Icon which is the visual representation of the voice input button and after I am done dictating I tap to complete the dictation. So it stops taking voice input. What you are stating is something really different.