iPad case recommendations

Good day,
I am in need of a case for my iPad 2018, which I believe measures 9.75 inches. The cases that I am considering are an Otterbox Defender case, and a Fintie Slimshell keyboard case. I'm in college, so I need something that will protect the iPad both inside my backpack and outside of it. Which of these 2 do you reccommend? Or do you have additional reccommendations?
Thank you so much.


iPad Case Recommendations.

My recommendation is the: Targus 3D Protection Case for 9.7-Inch iPad Pro. this case provides great protection for the iPad. I have one for my iPad mini. I believe it comes in several different colors as well.

otterbox defender case

I have an IPad minny, and even though its not the same size as yours, I highly suggest the otterbox defender case. It does add a bit of blolk to your device, but it offers the best protection you can get. I've dropped my IPad more than once, taken it on at least two airplanes, and the otterbox case did its job.

I recommend the Logitech

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I recommend the Logitech Create case. It provides moderate protection plus the added benefit of having a keyboard built in that connects via the smart connector. It is a bit pricy but it is great. Keyboard feedback is just apart with that of the Mac, and backlighting is just good for the visually impaired.