IPhone 5s intermittently freezes

I have an IPhone 5s running ios 9.3.1. For a while now I've noticed my phone will randomly freeze. I notice it mainly happens when I am on the phone with someone and I find I can't hang up the call or do anything including no voice over. What I have to do is do a hard reset by holding the home and power buttons at the same time. I'm concerned that one of these days my phone will not come back on and I will be without a phone. Is this a bug or is it an issue with my phone? I've even reset the phone and restored from backup. I also looked in the diagnostic section of my phone and it doesn't mention anything about the phone app but I did find a crash report with stuff I don't understand. Do you think I should take my phone to the apple store? That's another question I have, when your IPhone is giving you issues is it better to take it to the apple store or take it to your carier which in my case is Verizon.



Holding the home and power buttons down is a soft reset, not a hard reset. Because it is a soft reset, it will never damage your phone, no matter how often or under what circumstances it is performed.

Don't look for things in the diagnostic log as I doubt you will find much that would help you as a user.

With Apple products, it is probably better to take it to an Apple store. In fact, your carrier may even suggest that. Apple can run a lot of diagnostic evaluations on it, or they can give you a new phone if they think that may be the issue.

Another thing to try would be to perform a hard reset (Settings > General > Reset > Reset all settings), and set up the phone from scratch, not using any backups.



Did you perform a factory restore and test it before restoring from backup? I ask because if you're having an issue, and you perform a factory restore then backup restore, you could be restoring the problem.

This is what I would do. Restore the phone to factory using iTunes. Don't restore from backup. Test it out for a few days and make calls as usual. If everything works fine, you can download each app and test to be sure all is okay. Or you can restore from backup but be aware that the problem may also be restored.

As far as troubleshooting an iPhone issue, you're better off going to Apple instead of the carrier. The carrier will do basic stuff that you can find on the web while the folks at Appple will have a bit more info and the tools to troubleshoot.

HTH and good luck.