iPhone 6S or 6S plus?

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I am fully blind and currently own an iPhone 6. I am looking to upgrade to the new 6S or 6 S plus phone but I am wondering if other fully blind people who have to completely rely on voiceover find the 6 plus easier to use than the smaller 6? I really don't want a bigger phone but if it works easier or better for people who are fully blind, I would get the larger phone. Please respond with advice or opinions.


Heres my 2 cents worth. I

Heres my 2 cents worth. I think you should upgrade to the 6S plus, due to bigger battery. Bigger phones usually means bigger batteries. However, it depends on what you feel is comfortable. If the 6S plus feels too big for you, then go for the 6S, and get an external battery case/power bank. I have a 5S and am planning to upgrade to the 6S plus over christmas break.
I've got a Lenmar meridian case found on amazon for $60, and have loved it since day 1. It's kept my 5S running smoothly. I also just got the battery replaced on the phone, so it's back to the way it was when first bought. Go with whatever iPhone feels comfortable for you.

worth updating from a 6 Plus

Is it worth updating from a 6 Plus? My main reason for wanting to upgrade my iPhones every year is because of the decrease in performance after each yearly iOS update. Older devices just seem to be more sluggish after each major iOS release. I'm well aware of all of the new features though.

Either will work for you

Being your asking about how accessible it is for a blind person there is no difference in either phone. The size of the 6 S PLUS makes it a bit easier to differentiate between app icons on the screen but at the end of the day not much really. They both have the same accessibility. If you can though go to a store and take a look at both phones and see what feels better to you.

My thoughts

Hi there I currently have the six and I am going to upgrade to 6+ pretty soon myself and I meant 6S plus

For me, smaller is better.

When it comes to iDevices, I prefer the smaller screens.

I don't do a lot of on screen keyboard use and my iDevice usage is not sufficiently hardcore to warrant running Apps in split screen mode. So with that said, I much prefer the condensed screen real estate of an iPhone 5 than the vast acres of an iPad Air.

For reference, my key devices are an Apple Watch for convenience, an iPhone5 for connectivity and portability and a MacBook Pro for the majority of my work, Social Media, browsing and other needs.

I guess your choice will come down to your primary reasons for having the device, where it fits in your Tech spectrum and main method of interacting with said device.