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Hello, I put my iPhone for battery charge yesterday night and I forgot to stop the charging. I woke up in the morning and I realised that my phone is still on charge. It was connected to the electric plug for more than 5 hours. Will there be any harm to my phone battery?

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No. If you check your iPhone will say something like this 100% battery power on AC.

Not anymore, as far as I can

Not anymore, as far as I can tell. It still says charging, even if it's fully charged. However, it's fine to leave the device plugged in, it won't hurt the battery.

Thanks for Website

Subject line pretty much says it all. I just registered on Stack Exchange, and am finding it to be very accessible with VoiceOver. Seems a bit cluttered to me, but I'll probably get the hang of it the more I'm on there. Regarding the iPhone battery, I have used Low Power mode a few times since I've had mine and it seems to work well. I've not kept my iPhone plugged in overnight, but I've done this with my Mac and it still loves me, lol!

Another battery question

I have an iPhone 8 Plus and I love the longer battery life. How advisable is it to let the battery runs down completely until the phone turns off?

Don't do it all the time. If

Don't do it all the time. If you want to run the battery down frequently, run it down to say 30/40% then recharge to full. Occasionally, run the battery completely dead, but don't do this all the time. Lithium batteries don't like complete discharge/recharge cycles all the time as it puts a lot of stress on the internals of the battery. I can't give you any websites, but maybe try a google search on Lithium polymer batteries and charge/discharge in phones.

Thanks and my last question

I discovered the 8 Plus battery, in my case, lasts two days, two nights and a bit. When the level indicater shows 40 Percent I charge it until it says 100 percent. On AC power. I then take it off the charger and again only charge it full when the 40 percent level shows up. Is this correct? Do I understand you correctly?

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Hello all, thank you so much for your inputs on my query.


Are you...


Are you using the original cable and charger or MFI certified cables? That’s important because if you use an INFERIOR CABLE, THE VOLTAGE BEING PASS THROUGH NIGHT BE TOO MUCH OR NOT ENOUGH WHICH CAN THEN DAMAGE THE BATTERY Or PHONE.

This is why you hear Apple wanting to check the cable/adapter used whenever there is an iPhone causing a fire or exploding.

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