Issue with apple watch third gen

Hello all,
I am noticing a wierd issue with my Apple Watch third gen. When I put it on the charger the screen keeps activating and deactivating. Has anyone else seen this? If so what might I do to stop it? It is driving me nuts at night when I keep hearing the noises its making. LOL.

Greg Wocher


Nightstand Mode

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Hey Greg,

I also had this issue for the longest time. It finally drove me batty enough that I went on a hunt to figure this out. Apparently, for me when I turn off the Nightstand Mode in the Settings -> General. It seem to do the trick. I'm not sure why this worked but it did. Hopefully, it will do it for you as well. Keep me posted if that works for you or not.


Did the trick

Turning off nightstand mode did the trick. I did it last night and my screen did not constantly go off and on.

Greg Wocher

nightstand mode

I got myself the Apple Watch a couple days ago. I thought nightstand mode is mainly for sighted people anyway so I just turned it off. Thus my watch screen did not randomly come on or anything like that while on charge.