issue with whatsapp

Hey all, I recently discovered that I can no longer access the favorites in the latest is what I did.
  • open the app.
  • look for the favorites tab.
VoiceOver doesn't see that tab. Is it gone or a bug that needs to be addressed? Thanks.


I actually don't remember

I actually don't remember there beeing a favorites tab. I'm think it's ben gone ever since I started usign what's app 2 years ago.

I can't

I can't get to my contacts tab. When I flick to the right it just says tab 3 of 5. I think.

New Status Feature

WhatsApp has added a new feature that allows users to update and view status updates from contacts. "Favorites" and "Contacts" have been changed to "Status" and "Camera" respectively.

I think there is an applevis

I think there is an applevis forum thread about this, basicallyif you want to find someone pretend to start a chat and go from there.

Good luck.