Issues with the macOS dock

hi all, on my wifes macbook air 12 inch running 10,12 sierra she is seeing the doc randomly appear almost as though she has activated it when voiceover is on. this could happen when editing a pages document, for example or navigating the web. can anyone this is a strange issue.Will


Two things that might be happening

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First of all, are you absolutely sure she's not accidentally hitting either VO+D, or CTRL+F3? Both of those open the dock. (Maybe CTRL+FN+F3 depending on how things are configured.)

The other thing is, if you move the mosue mouse pointer down near the bottom of the screen and hover, the dock will appear. I know you may not be moving the mouse, but here's the thing... If you have Voiceover set to where the mouse pointer follows Voiceover, and you VO around the screen to an area down near the bottom of the screen, your mouse will be tethered, and therefore will move down there as well. When this happens, it would naturally cause the dock to appear. I'll admit this is a little strange, but let's start there. Are any of those factors possibly in the equasion?


this is not the case

Hi, she's not pressing the commands to go to the doc itself, she's just scrolling as in vo right arrow through pages documents and safari and it just keeps getting in the way, no matter where she is on the screen. thanks, Will

Hmm. Wail?

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OK, Will, thanks for your response back. Could it be possible seeing it's a Macbook Air, I think you said, that she might be bumping the trackpad with her wrist, causing the mouse pointer to go down there as she navigates? I mean, it's a far stretch, all be it, I'll give you that, but it's really honestly the last thing I can really think of. Short of that, I'm striking out, I apologize. Perhaps maybe someone else might have some insight... We'll just have to see. :(