Is it normal for my iPad Air to say not charging after it is done being charged?

is it normal for my new I pad air 256 to say not charging after it is done being charged. I took it of f the charger.


Fully Charged!

Usually, when the device is fully charged, if you move your finger to the status bar and all the way to the right, VoiceOver should read something like "100% On AC Power".

Now I am not 100% certain how VoiceOver reads the percentage on an iPad, but I do know that on my iPhone 8 Plus, when it's fully charged, that is what VoiceOver says when I move my finger there.

Perhaps on iPads and iPhone X, XS and XS Max, things are different?

If I were to guess, if while charging, the percentage at the top right reads "100% Charging" and then, eventually, the word "Charging" disappears, then I would guess that would mean the battery is fully charged.


"100% On AC Power

iPhone tended to say that but now it says when charge and still plug %00 charging and when not plug not charging. Probably the same?

Not Necessarily!

On my iPhone 8 Plus, once the battery is fully charged, the battery indicator on the status bar says "100% On AC Power".

I think that this isn't the case anymore for iPhone X/XS/XS Max and newer iPads. Not sure as I don'T have one of these but I think I read this somewhere back when the iPhone X was released.

iPhone 7

When I had the iPhone 7, it said the same thing that my iPhone xx says now. %100 charging if is plug and if is not not charging. I had not seen Ac.... since iPhone 6.

That's Odd!

That's odd, 'cause my 8 Plus always says "On AC Power" once its fully charged, and it's running iOS 12.3.