I've screwed up Solara and don't know what to do

Hi folks Well, on everyone's recommendation I downloaded Solara and have gotten to Level 8, but somewhere along the line, I've gotten stuck and at this point the only thing I can do is collect gold from shops I've built. I have 1 quest left in the list and it requires a level 9 hero. Also, I think I may have built things slightly out of order, because whenever I try to build something by using the auto-place and build button, it says not enough space in tower to auto-build shop. I'll give you my stats, and hopefully that'll give someone a clue as to how to help. 15886 gold, 939 Esper, 130/130 food, 219 population, I'm 23 percent through level 8. Can anyone figure out where I may have gone wrong, and better yet what I can do to fix it? I'm not even sure how to start over, if I'd even have to. I just started this game yesterday I really like it but don't like being stuck not bein able to do anything. Thanks folks


you need to expand your castle

to get more space in your castle you have to do expansions. there under the upgrades tab in the build screen. that should help you out.

good idea, accept...

The only castle expantion available to me is number 7 and that requires, guess what? Tower level 9. I'm only on level 8. See how stuck I am?

what about quests?

you said something about a quest, why don't you do that quest? if it requires a level 9hero, it should provide it.

sorry, not working

This simply is not working. The level 9 hero won't unlock, for quite obvious reasons...as I said before, I'm on level 8. and it's the only quest available to me.

here's how it works.

if a quest requires a certain level hero, it will provide it for you. there isn't a requirement that your heroes have to meet. the hero will automatically be put into the line up in a slot. i think it says they are locked, because they are required for the quest. you can't change the hero out of the slot, but you still can try and complete it. if you do you move on.

That seems to have done the trick, thanks

Well, your little trick seems to have worked, because I was able to go on the quest and I was victorious. There is a new quest available to me and I've unlocked a couple more knights. Thanks. We'll see how this goes. Sorry if I seemed impatient but I hate when I get stuck and others just seem to fly through this thing.


well, i'm glad to see you passed the quest. that also was a bit confusing for me when i first encountered it. good luck on the rest. i'm currently on level 18 and can tell you there is some fun stuff in your future.