job searching apps accessible with VoiceOver

Besides LinkedIn job search, are there any other job searching apps that work well with VoiceOver?


Job Searching Apps

I have Linked In which I hardly use. I mostly use an app called Indeed which I find very accessible. I tried Monster but I find it needs improvements in accessibility. Wishing you the best of luck with your job search!

zip recruiter

I suggest you try Zip Recruiter.
You need to have a resume prepared first. Upload your general purpose resume into the app at signup, then you can narrow down the jobs you are looking for.
This is a very intuitive app, and I actually got a job I applied for on this app not long ago.
I can also second a recommendation of the indeed app.
The app is good, and the site itself is accessible and easy to use on mac, windows, and ios.
Good luck with the job hunt.

Hi. What else can you tell me

Hi. What else can you tell me about that? If you're supposed to upload a resume in the app, how do you do that? When you do that on a computer you can usually pick a file to upload from your hard drive/thumb drive, which you can't do on iOS.

I too have been at the job search for a good year and a half since I graduated college, and I have to say I'm pretty discouraged by it. Some people have told me to stay away from job board websites and apps because they've not had any success using them. Then theres the whole accommodation issue, where you get called for an interview, only to have them freak out when they find out you have a disability. Sigh. The fact that you found a job through one of these apps/services does give me some hope, though.

Job Searching

I have been job searching for over two years now. I find it very fustrating and I try my best to stay positive as I continue the job search. I've been to numerous job fairs, applying for jobs, and I've been to only two job interviews without much success! I also don't want having a guide dog prevent me from having a job. I would like words of encouragement as I continue the job hunt.