Does anyone know of a journal we can use on iOS? Not really looking at A diary or calendar just something for me to write down thoughts and look back on in future


#1 Day one journal

I would recomend day one journal. This app isn't free. The current price is 5 dollars.

#2 Personal Diary

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I use Personal Diary. Its a very simple app completely voiceover friendly, and very easy to use. And it is free.
Here is the link:

#3 Journal

Thanks, will take a look.

#4 Personal diary

Thanks for this app suggestion. Do you know how to remove the emoticons which appear automatically in each entry?

#5 I use notes

I use notes, the native app. You can create folders in it and then you can have a folder named journal. I write my diary this way. If you don't like that there is Pages, but it is tricky to make folders there and you have to drag and drop wich I personally don't think present any problem for me, but some other blind persons don't like drag-and-drop. I'd say notes.

#6 Sorry, I don't think you can remove the emoticons

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If you double tap on the top you can change the emoticon, the weather, and the date, but I don't think you can aluminate any of them.
At first it was a little annoying, but I have learned to ignore them

Other than that, this is a great little app!