Key command weirdness in Safari?

Hey all. Haven't been around these parts in quite some time, however, I have an interesting question for you all this evening.
Over the past couple of days I've been noticing that when I use Safari some of the key commands are no longer working.
For example: If I press command Q to quit the app absolutely nothing happens. If I attempt a command comma to access preferences again nothing happens. Same for command option L to view downloads.
Now I know this last one could be do to no downloads being currently available but I tried the same command after downloading the Avast Anti virus software and the shortcut still didn't work.
It is also worth noting that when I try to use the menu to access these actions all of the aforementioned commands are dimmed so not accessible via that method either. I've had to force quit Safari every time I've used it over the past day.

All of my software is up to date, a virus scan detects no threats (scanned just in case) and these commands are working fine in other applications.
Any help would be seriously appreciated.

Thanks much,


Do you have more than one

App Developer

Do you have more than one keyboard language? As far as I remember I had similar issue when my keyboard language was not English.

I do not

Hi Maldalain,
I double checked because stranger things have happened and I do not have more than one keyboard language.
Even today the problem persists and I can't even do things like delete Safari history as again even in the menus these commands are dimmed.
I'm thinking a call to Apple support is in order.

Thank you for your suggestions though.

Be well,