Latency in Hokusai recording app


I use the Hokusai app to record music. Great, intuitive and highly accessible app, by the way! I have just one main challenge with it. Say I record my drum machine's output as my first track in the project, then I record a second track of rhythm guitar while monitoring back the drum beat. As I do this, I'm playing in good time with the recorded beat, but when I go back and play the two recorded tracks they are out of sync, with the guitar track noticeably lagging behind the drum track. Unfortunately this makes overdubs useless. Any way to get it to line up better, even after the fact, like a way to "nudge" one track until it lines up with the other?




This is wierd. I have no latency problems. I just re ord several tracks and there is no latency. This was awesome because of the fact that there is no latency and also I think that if you are using bluetooth microphone or bluetooth headset there will be a latency. I use normal headphones to do this but usually I record the first track just the way it is and then I add new tracks, for example if I have my guitalele as my first track, I may add synth pads and after that I add an african drum and other percusion and there is no latency at all. i have recorded lots of songs using Hokusai and I don’t understand how there can be latency if you are not using a bluetooth device.