Life Simulator Help please

I started playing Life Simulator this morning and I bought the 99 cent starter pack. When I bought it I did not know about health stats and so my character commited suicide. Anyway, I had the option to revive but I didn’t because it was going to cost $2.99.

When I started a new game my purchase was gone and the game says there are no purchases to restore. Please help.


Quick question. I'm on my

Quick question. I'm on my second life as I messed up the first time. Anywy, I want to move into an ppartment which says 2k but it is $180 a week or somethingn like tht, then rent it or sell it or purchase it. I can't do that as all the buttons are dimmed. What do those prices mean and what eactly do I need to do to do this to the house, etc.

Renting and selling houses

You will need to purchase a house before you can rent or sell it. If you don't want to purchase the house, you can just move there and rent it. However, you will not be able to rent it out for extra income.

Yeah trying to make money

Yeah trying to make money fast, very fast, but beeing an uber driver is not getting me anywhare right now.

You could

You could do side hustles like youtube videos and app developer and different things. I'm slowly building up my real estate business. Its level 9 and I'm 58 years waiting for some more youth alixears because I don't want to die yet. Its so expensive now. And I bought 100 lottery tickets and one 10k finally. Hope to get the big prize some day.

Nice I'm a youtube star but

Nice I'm a youtube star but yeah it's turning into, sucky. Lol! I keep going back to the uber when I feel I need a quick bump of cash.

you could do

You could do more than one thing at a time. When I finish with an app I move on to youtube star then the rest and my job that I was doing as a managing partner I tap on that and make money while I'm not on the game. Plus I bought some buildings to rent out.

for the youtube star thing I

for the youtube star thing I'm still at simple video. when will I advance? I guess just give it time. I'm working on the legal job now. hat will be fun in a few weeks time. lol!


maybe after you make over 20 or more I can't remember I still have to unlock the thing after the good video. So now I'm making good videos.


I have noticed that in the latest version, you keep losing your degrees. For example, if you are a military person, you have to have middle school, high school and the military Academy. When you go through all three of them and start working, I noticed that you have to redo them again and again and again. Is that a bug or is that there on purpose?
If you are 40 something years old, you should not have to go through middle school and high school again.

Hmm, have not done that yet,

Hmm, have not done that yet, I notice though the adds are impossible to close. I tap close video after the video o is done but I can't get the thing to close. What's the secret to that?

Tap on

Tap on get and the app will take you to the app store and then return to the game and you will get your reward.

Actually I never see a get, I

Actually I never see a get, I see a learn more and then a done button that takes me to youtube most of the time. What do I do in those situations then?

Yep I just got one now. I saw

Yep I just got one now. I saw "learn more" then close vide. I clicked learn more and nothign happened. I got "open in safari" but clicking that did nothing. I think these are different types of adds.

not sure

I always find a get button. probably close it from the app switcher very quickly and reopen it again.

I do that, and ther's no

I do that, and ther's no reward, so yeah looks like that does not help. Not sure why I don't see a get button anywhare in the add.

I notice let's say for the

I notice let's say for the leal assistant, there is for me 3 of 120 but I had to make some quick bucks so did not want to wait. Once I hit 120 will I still be able to make the doe while I wait? Etc?

I asked this in the wrong

I asked this in the wrong thread and game. Woops? Let's say I see 31 of 120 for the legal assistant which I am. I have some side jobs but once I reach 120 if I tap the work button etc, what will happen. Will I still e able to earn 1000 a week?