LinkedIn website accessibility problems on the Mac

Hi all,

When I'm trying to work with linkedin website it seems to have an annoying accessibility bug issue. It's just stuck on a menu and doesn't get out of it. Does anyone have this issue? Does anyone have any solution to this bug?




LinkedIn? More like LockedOut if you are blind!

I know that this won’t answer your question, but I gave up on the LinkedIn website some time ago. There were simply too many accessibility issues. This leaves me having to rely on their iOS app. This still comes with enough issues of its own, but I personally find them a little easier to live with and work around than the website.

Actually I was able to get

Actually I was able to get around the site almost fine. You just need to use yoru find command. I do agree it needs work but the vo find comand actually works. I updated my profile, added a school and graduation dates, and some jobs and volenteer work plus projects I'm working on. It really is usable you just need to fiddle with it.