Look For Ham Radio Callsign App

I tried looking to see if QRZ had one but it doesn't appear that they do.

I'm looking for an accessible app where you can...

1. Look up hams by callsign OR name


2. Save entries of people you look up/find



I don't think such a thing

I don't think such a thing exists for ios. I just keep a note of who i talk to and such on my mac.

Take care.

Callsign App

Look in the App Store. There definitely is a Callsign app and it's fully accessible.

I'm actually surprised the

I'm actually surprised the ULS has not come up with an ios app as of yet, but beeing that it costs to be in the app store, I'm not surprised.

callsign app

I never considered paying for a free service.
Buess I'm just too cheap, lol.
I just look them up on qrz.com or on the w8irc chat robot.
The robot even gives their email addrss in clear text.
There are also other hammy sites that give this info free.
I find that every layer of software adds new problems usually.
The k i s s principle applies in spades to computers.
Good luck from n 8 l a g