Looking for a good audio fighting/action game

Hey guys.
Anyone know of any good, accessible fighting/action games for iphone?
I have played Nebula, and A Blind Legend which were great, but I am looking for more fighting games.
Any suggestions?


#1 Echoes from Levia perhaps?

The praise and critiques for the game are mixed, but perhaps you might find it to your liking? Other than that, I don't think we have many games in that category.

#2 I think if mainstream games

I think if mainstream games are becomming accessible with talking menus etc, there's a lot of potential for us. If you're in to mainstream gaming at all,I saw Liam do a review on the accessible menus of a mortal combat game, one of the newest ones I believe it's called Inseption or insurrection, something like that. It's not 100% perfect yet, but it's getting there. No, for audiogames alone, theres hardly any fighting/action games unfortunately. I wish they would make a great COD or military audiogame like that.

#3 I agree

I think that we need more games like Audio deffence. I've heard of one like it that is comming out called the circus master.
I really hope developers design there games to be more accessible.
I'll check out your suggestion.