Looking for a good special recording app

I am looking for a recording app that lets me set titles of my recordings and then have them organized in a good way so I can record a diary. I know about Just Press Record wich is great but sonmehow I don’t think it works for this purpose.


I was actually going to

I was actually going to recommend that as it gives you the day in folders. I love that.


I cannot seem to change the name of the file. How do I rename a file?

But maybe...

I want to keep the time stamp so could add a title before it. But still need to know how in the world of fuzzy little baby squirrels for the fragile little life of me figure out how to change name.


Figured out. Sticking to it. But I have realized anyway that this is the best recorder. I didn’t realize it named files after time so no title is required at all. I figured out how to change the names so if there is any special I just add it to the file name.