Looking for a simple Apple Watch app to announce my location

I have an Apple Watch series 3 and I’m looking for a really simple app that will announce me where I am. I don’t want any graphs, maps, etc, just a simple app no matter if it’s free or not.
It would be fine if the app uses gps only.
Wait for your ideas.
Thanks for your help.


Hello, I'm a new developer

App Developer

Hello, I'm a new developer interested in building an accessible Apple Watch app with a simple purpose. I started my career as a sighted web designer specialising in accessible local government websites. I've been an Apple Watch wearer for two and a half years.

I have a few questions about what you'd like from this app:

Do you only want it to tell you where you are, when you access the app or do you expect it to send you notifications? Note that too many notifications may drain your watch battery.

Would including a complication, so that you could quickly access the app from the watch face be useful?

What would you like the app to tell you about your location? For example: would you want to know both the street name and the town/city every time that you hear the announcement or would you like to only hear the town/city when it changes?