Looking For A Voice Overdubbing App

Hey guys. So I had a question about a type of app I'm looking for. I really want an app where I can record my voice, but I can change effects, such as the side my voice comes from, the pitch, and mostly I would like to be able to overdub many vocal tracks over one another to create a piece with several parts. I have heard of VoiceBand, but i couldn't figure out the controls on it. Thank you so much!


Voice plus

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Try to use in Voiceplus app. It is very accessible and very nice.

dubbing apps

if your using a mac to do this, I would reccomend amadeus pro.

Thank You

I use VoicePlus sometimes for other things, but that's not really the type I meant. I'm looking more for an app where you can record your voice and add effects, like studio, then pan the audio in different directions, change the pitch of your voice, add multiple tracks, etc. And I'm using an Iphone. Is that app available for IOS?


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Hokusai might be what you're looking for; it allows you to record and edit multiple tracks, and with in app purchases, add all kinds of effects.


Thank you! I'll definitely try it out!

Garage Band

While I have minimal direct experience, I think Garage Band will do all you ask of an app.