LookTel Money Reader and iOS 8

Hi all,
Just wondering if anyone else has had trouble with some apps that use the camera, specifically LookTel Money Reader and Light Detector, after updating to iOS 8. I'm using an iPhone 5 and have confirmed that these apps do have access to the camera, but they don't give me anyinformation when I try to use them. Other apps like DigitEyes, KNFBReader, and Taptapsee work fine. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling Money Reader, but this did not resolve the problem. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Try this

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Try going into Settings, Privacy, and making sure that Money Reader has been given access to the camera. I'm not sure what else you can try. Also, make sure you are in adequate lighting when you try to use it. If unsure, try different areas around where you are trying to use it. Hope this helps.


Make sure the apps have permission to use the camera.

Don't know what to tell you

Don't know what to tell you except that I'm using it in IOS8 on an iPone 5s with no problems.

Inreverse Digit Eyes is real slow to detect bar codes, while Red Laser picks them up very quickly. And TapTapSee works the way it always has.


I know of other people having the same issues with LookTel. It could be worth completely uninstalling the app, then installing it again.

LookTel Money Reader and iOS 8


This is a problem which seems not to be related to the camera. I had the same issue with both Money Reader and Eye Note. Both programs don't talk. However, in the case of Eye Note, when I set it to beep and/or vibrate, the bill was recognized. Unfortunately, this is one of those problems that does not hit every iPhone that has been upgraded to iOS 8--only some, and I cannot determine the variable.



Thank you, Curtis, for your comment. I downloaded eyeNote and was able to get recognition with all three settings; speech, tone, and vibration. So ... I guess the mystery deepens.

problems with iOS8 & LookTel Money Reader

Greetings, I'm running the latest iOS8.02 on my iPhone 5 and can't use LookTel Money Reader. It is annoying because it's the best currency identifier there is out there. I've checked under privacy settings that the camera was on and have uninstalled and reinstalled it without success. I guess all I can do is hope that the iOS8.1 update will solve the issue. KNFBReader is working just fine.

An interesting thought

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I have never seen so I have no idea if this has any effect. But does it matter what the screen brightness is set to? Does that affect apps like the camera and such? Could that be part of the problem?

have you contacted the folks

have you contacted the folks at look tell? don't think that's their name and tell them what th eissue is? They should be able to reproduce it if you show them what's up.

Take care.

looktell and ios 8

Yes I am haveing the same problem.
i have reinstalled the app twice and also made sure the camera was turned on.
i have a sighted friend and he says the screen is black and there is no light on from the camera.
i have sent the Looktell people 2 emails and they havn't replied.
i'd expect a bit mor from someone i paid ten dollars to.

That it works for some people

That it works for some people and not for others, could be either the device they are using, or a setting that they changed that affects LookTell Money Reader on IOS8.

Both LookTell and EyeNote work fine on my iPhone 5s running IOS 8.0.2.

Off topic comment: I wonder how longt EyeNote has been available, I looked for "money identifier" and "money reader" in the app store and all I could find was LookTell and some app that identifies coints. I just tried it again and still no EyeNote. Had I found EyeNote first, I could have save the $10 I spent on LookTell. Ah well... At least LookTell turned out to be money well spent.


the folks at LookTell never respond to anyone Mary. A year ago I have been trying to request them if they could update their app to recognise the South African Currency, to date, nothing. nada. zelch response from them.

IOS 8.1 Doesn't fix Money Reader for me

As I posted elsewhere the IOS 8.1 upgrade didn't fix the Money Reader issue. BTW, I have some sight and had my fully-sighted wife confirm that the app isn't working, it simply sits on the "Money Reader is running" screen and never "opens" the camera. The area of the screen where the bill would be seen remains opaque. Also, the "flashlight" does not activate even when opening Money Reader in a completely dark room.
I guess I'll have to try EyeNote.


I tried this app and couldn't get it to work either. For now, I'm using CamFind to identify money.

here's a thought. Those of us

here's a thought. Those of us that are running iphone 5 models, try look tell.

Those of us running 5s models and higher try look tell.

My bet is that it will not work for iphone 5. but will work for iphone 5s.


I think you're right, Marrie. Mine is an iPhone 5, and it doesn't work.

LMR is working fine on my 5S under 8.1

Good idea to survey Users of 5 vs 5S. Looktel MoneyReader version 2.4 seems to be working fine under IOS 8.1 on my iPhone 5S. It also seemed to work fine when the same phone was running IOS 8.02..

I created a survey which can

I created a survey which can be found here in an iframe. it works and will close at 11:45 pm october 31 of this year. Please tell everyone you know with iphone 5 and higher models so that we may be able to collect responses for look tell..

Take care to all

Moneyreader All Fixed

It's all fixed, Folks. My daughter used it 6 times after she manually updated from the app store just today. Good luck with it. Oh, she's using the iPhone5, as well as the iPod5, running IOS8.1 or whatever we updated to a couple weeks ago.

Problems with LookTell on iPhone 5s

Hi everyone. After the recent update LookTell don't work at all. When i try to start it, this app just has crashing. I tryed to reinstall Looktell but it did'nt help me. It's really strange and bad thing that developers don't test their work of application on all devices.

LookTel Money Reader Not Working Quite Yet?


Based on what I am reading here now, the recent update of LookTel Money Reader to Version 2.4.1 fixed the problem for iPhone 5 users but created a different problem for iPhone 5S users--namely, now the app crashes on the 5S.

It is most unfortunate that an app which is this popular is not quality checked completely before moving through the App Store into final release.

On my iPhone 6, running iOS 8.1, everything is still good. I feel for those of you who have been negatively impacted by this.

new iOS release 2.4.2 version

Hi just a day ago when the LookTels guys released the version 2.4.1 today just several minutes ago release the version 2.4.2 with support to iOS7 and iOS8 and also fix the app crashes for the iPhone 5S
Should you update to see What's new find on the release.