Mac mail app question

Hello all,
I just completed a reinstall on my Mac running Catalina. For the life of me I cannot figure out one thing in the mac mail app. I cannot figure out how to see my individual folders under my mail account. I have rules set up with my account on my mail providers site to have messages go into folders. How do I get the mail app to let me see those folders? Right now I see the main inbox for the account but not the individual folders under that account.

Greg Wocher


Showing Mailboxes

Hi Greg,

You can Show Mailboxes in the Mail App as follows:
From the View Menu, you can toggle Hide/Show Mailboxes or you can use Command plus Shift plus M.
To locate the list of Mailboxes, I use the Tab Key to move between Columns.
From the Messages List, I use Shift Tab Twice, then Tab once to find it. Two steps Back and then one forward., I don't know if it is a bug, or there is a better way, but this works.
Alternatively, it is just the one Tab from the last item in the Favourites Bar.

Hope this helps.