mac os sierra?

Hi all,Just wandering when will mac os sierra be out to the public? It said that it was going to be released on the 20th, but I haven't gotten the update. Thanks


MacOS Sierra is out

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Hi the new system MacOS sierra has bein released the updates from App Store doesn't reliables. i suggest to check it manually.

think thet i know how to check for

I think that I know how to check for software updates manually, I go to the menu bar, go to the apple menu, and then to about this mac, then I press on software update. It then takes me to the App Store, but the update is still not showing.

ok, since the update

since the update did not appear in the App Store under updates, i had to go into safari, to apple's web sight, and click view in App Store, for the update to show. very odd, did any of you encounter a similar problem?

safari up date

Earlier today the up date was there. Tonight it was gone, in its place was an up date for safari. After I updated safari the sierra update was back. This has been my experience.

i never got

I never got the sierra update, just the safari one. So, I am downloading the update, but will I still be able to install it normally?

It's in the App Store

I just updated my MacBook earlier this evening, and the only update I got was for Safari. Thinking this a bit odd, I went into the App Store via my Applications menu and immediately saw that OS Sierra was available. So I clicked the download button and it's doing its thing as I type this. A next-door neighbor called earlier to check on me, and I told him I was planning on updating tonight. He recommended I let my computer do its thing overnight and then I should come back when I get out of bed in the morning. So that is exactly what I'm doing. But for anybody who is still experiencing this problem go to the App Store, look under OS Sierra and you should be good to go.

Where are you downloading

Where are you downloading the update from? Apple recommends that you download the new update from the app store. I don't have a Mac so I am not sure if the update would install normally. I suggest that you force quit the download and wait until the original update for MacOS Sierra is available in the app store. Also you might want to restart your mac. Maybe that will fix the issue with MacOS Sierra not showing up. After your mac has restarted, try downloading from the app store again. Hope this helps.

It was from the App Store

Yes, I download it from the App Store, but tried restarting, and it didn't show up, so I went into Apple's website, and click the link for the update that it said view in App Store. Then, the App Store opened, and there was the update, I downloaded it, but yes, I installed it from the App Store

Can't update to Sierra

After entering my Apple credentials in the Apple store to get the Sierra update, the "downloaded and install" button dims (according to VO) but nothing happens on my Mac. I'm updating from the latest version of El Capitan. Am I not being patient enough, or is there something I'm missing while attempting the update?


Restart your mac

Close all applications and restart your Mac. Then you might be able to update again. If restarting doesn't work, try signing out of your app store account and sign in again. Hope this helps.

Still no joy

I've done all the things you suggested and the update has not begun to install. I'm not even sure it has been downloaded. Will it be in the Downloads folder if it has been? I do not see it there now.

Thanks again.

Successfully installed Sierra

My Mac inexperience was to blame. I found the app to install Sierra in the applications folder. When I opened it and answered the prompts Sierra installed for me. I'm now running it and it seems fine.

Thanks again for the help.