macbook speaker

hey all
i intend to buy a macbook nearly
i have a question about something i noticed when i went to the store and tried both macbook air and pro with retina display
when i turned the VO on in both macbooks, i realized that the macbook pro's speaker is quite higher than the macbook air
note: i just tried voiceover not any other application
so if that right? or it's just an illusive feeling
i have another simple question for mac users
if i have a large amount of docx files, will they work properly via pages?
will they be at the same order of pages and words? and will pages affect anything of that
and can i write any file on pages and save it as docx format?



Yes, the speakers on the MacBook Pro are better than the speakers on the MacBook Air.

Also, depending on which pro

Also, depending on which pro you were to look/go with the speakers get even better. For example, I have a 15 inch MBP, it has better speakers than the 13 inch MBP does. I use text edit on the mac and it will work with .docx files perfectly. Pages saves it as a .pages file, and you have to convert the document to .docx in order for people who don't have pages or use windows to read.

macbook air speakers

does that mean that the sound of macbook air is so low?
or it's still fine and reasonable specially the voiceover

Macbook pro speakers are in the corners.

Voice over will be very loud, a book will not be, so you'll need to turn up the volume ot hear an audio book. However having voice over yelling at you isn't fabulous IMO. i'm in the market to find a better setup.

I haven't seen an air at all.

Hi. No I didn't try the Air out, it wasn't built for my needs so I went with a pro. remember if you go that route, you'll have an extra USB port, which the air doesn't have. also, in my view, the volume needs to be all the way up to really let the book, fill a room. Problem is when you do anything with Voice over, it will be yelling in your ear. Another thing, when you first get it, audio ducking will be turned on no matter which Mac you purchase. It drove me nuts, so I turned that off. Just for your info. :)