Best apps for reading Epub books

Hello Applevis,
Does anyone have any recommendation for a free app to read EPUB books? I've gotten a few free EPUB books, and would like to read them.
Thanks in advance.


iBooks is your friend

Hello Chuck, why don't you use Apple's iBooks? I guess it is the best one for voiceover users. I tried Bluefire Reader some time ago but it doesn't work. You Need an Adobe ID and after that the text is not shown for voiceover so you can't read anything. But maybe this Problem occured only because I had DRM protected books. I'm not sure about this.

Adobe Digital Edition works

Adobe Digital Edition works for me. As long as you do not need to analyze some programming code, it works just fine. iBooks is great for other stuff, but Adobe Digital Edition is easy to use.
Take care.


Hi All

Has anyone tried Azardi? I would try it out myself but I am unable to install it on my employer's MBP 2015 but I understand that it is a cross-platform e-pub reader. If you can install it, can you give us feedback? Here's the link:
Thanks in advance.