Getting Started with my new Mac and some questions

Hi Everyone.

I got my first ever Mac book Pro 2013 and the latest software yesterday. How do I go about setting up the mail app so that my mail comes in? What apps can be put onto a mac that you can get from an iPhone? Can someone suggest a good Weather app for mac? My final question is I listened to the podcasts on changing speechand pressed the correct keys and the left and right arrows to try and cycle but it came up with characters, words and window spots. Is there anyway I can change this?

Thanks everyone.

From SnowyOwl.


#1 Hi, in order to change voice

Hi, in order to change voice options, you have to hold down the shift key while doing the previous command, slightly different from what the podcast said. Apps that are available for iOS will not run on the mac at all, unless someone makes a mac compatible version that runs specifically on MacOs. There's an option in the mail setup, for automatically fetching new mail every so often, forget where it is. There's not a lot of weather apps that I've found on here, except Carrot weather, which is a pretty great one, except haven't updated in a while unfortunately.

#2 mail app

just type your email address and password into the mail app and it should configure itself automatically

#3 Mail App

Hi. Where abouts in the mail app do I type my e-mail and password? should I see if there's a preferences for e-mail?


#4 It's worth a shot. If you

It's worth a shot. If you wanna access the preferences page, press CMD, command plus the Comma key.
HTH and good luck.

#5 Sync with iPhone

Hi SnowyOwl,
The first thing that you may like to try is syncing your new Mac with your iPhone, over iTunes on the Mac.
This will, from memory, port over some of your accounts including your email settings.

As a rule, every App on the Mac has it's own specific preference settings. To access preferences, with the App open use VO + M to take you to the menu bar and then navigating to the App Name (arrow space right) and then down arrowing to Preferences. As a new Mac User, it is always good to have a look through these preferences on your Apps to determine what is configurable.

You are correct in thinking that it is in these Preference settings, for example, that you can set up your email account details in the Mail App.

May I also suggest that you browse this site, there are many, many great tutorials here that will answer all of your questions in forensic detail and set you on a path to productivity and fun.


#6 How do you sync from Iphone to Mac


In order to sync my Itunes to my mac, do I need to connect the iPhone to my mac via the cable or maybe I can sync using wifi. Taht's another thing I notice after a time I tend to lose my wifi signal and have to go into extras and get it back. I'm loving it so far its a new learning curve and thanks for your help its appreciated.

#7 Sync with iPhone


I am not sure if you "absolutely Have to" but, for the first time, I definitely would connect my iPhone to my Mac with the lightening to USB cable.
Your Mac should detect your phone and then open iTunes. It should then guide you through the sync settings and sync any music libraries, contacts, calendars, and email accounts that you choose. It will also take a back up of your iPhone.

Once you have it synced via the USB cable you can then opt for WiFi sync and back up. TBH, these days, I think that ensuring your iCloud settings are set to Sync is more important...

Sorry if any of this info is off the mark a little, it's been a long time since I have had to do any of this for the first time...