I need help with VMWare Fusion

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I try to use VM Ware Pugin but the narrator and the NVDA it’s not working for me in the speech


#1 what are you

what are you trying to do exactly, I need more info to see how to help

#2 The problem is when I try to

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The problem is when I try to open narrator the text to speech I don’t hear it and also NVDA so what’s the problem I try to install it two times

#3 there is nothing any sound in

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there is nothing any sound in the virtual machine

#4 Same silence here

I'm having the exact same issue here too,but this involves both creating or using an existing virtual machine. The best i can suggest for now is to try using a braille display connected to USB or another sound device if you hav either, or find a working pair of eyes that can help you figure out your sound woes. I'd have to imagine this problem would occur on certain hardware, since I was able to quite successfully use this program on 2 Macbooks before this affected iMac.

#5 I have another problem when I

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I have another problem when I want to close any application alt +f4 it not working
and also when I play some games need to I press and hold control it’s not worked Ansell

#6 odd

Odd. i'm running vmware fusion without problems. try checking if your sound card is connected, and check if the keyboard access is enabled in the system preferences in accessibility.