Please make noise!

I know the Mac is far superior to the PC. But, could we please have some kind of tone when we shut down the computer, and another one when we reboot? Is that too much to ask?


#1 It's honestly not that big of

It's honestly not that big of deal. The startup sound is gone, and I don't see apple putting it back in the Macs, maybe they will. But I don't forsee it happening in the near future. As someone who has had one of the newer mBP's with touch bar for almost two years, I can safely say it's not a big deal anymore. You'll know when the computer is shut down when the fans stop, or just put it to sleep if it worries ya that much. I'm fine with what apple has done and accept it.

#2 Email Apple

Hi nankar40,

If you are finding this to be a problem, I make the following two suggestions:
1. Write a polite email to the Accessibility Team at Apple. Explain the current behaviour, your desired behaviour and detail the benefits from your proposed improvement. You can't expect change without communicating to Apple.
2. do a Web Search for how to add a start up noise to a Mac. There are many tutorials available that show how to add the start up sound that was removed with the advent of the 2016 Mac Line-up.



#3 Tutorials don't always work

When you find something published on the web, it doesn't always implicitly mean it's actually going to work. For instance, if you have found a single of this mass of tutorials on how to add the startup chime back that actually works on the new macBook Pros, I'll nominate you for the Nobel prize. :-)

#4 Agreed with Others

I agree. I've still got my mid-2013 MBA, and while it does chime at startup or reboot, there's no sound when the thing shuts down or from the fan. I actually wondered about this too when I first made the jump from Windows, but honestly to me it's no big deal. I have ways of knowing when my Mac shuts down, and if I get ambitious enough I may try to do a search for those tutorials mentioned here. But I've not found this to be an issue, and I'm not a programmer and wouldn't want to break something. Same holds true for the iPhone which I just got this year. Jmt.