Radium on the Mac

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I am wondering if anyone uses a Mac with Radium. I usually use my XM satellite radio account successfully with Radium, but lately it is not working properly. It tells me I am logged in successfully, but when I look for a station, no search results appear. Does anyone know how to fix this? I have tried signing out and back into the service several times to no affect. I would appreciate any help. P.S. As I write this, these AirPods are really uncomfortable. Can't wait for my ear hooks to get hear from Amazon. Golly Apple, why do you have to make these things so darn uncomfortable given the price?


#1 What stations?

What stations are you looking for when using the SiriusXM side in Radium?

#2 No matter what station I

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No matter what station I search for, nothing related to Sirius or XM comes up in the search results.

#3 it hasn't been updated in almost 2 years

I think this app isn't being developed anymore, which pisses me off. I paid a lot of money for this like 6 months ago...