Seeking a Twitter app for Mac with multiple account support

Just wondering if anyone knows of a good app for Mac that has multiple twitter account support. I currently use Night Owl and I think it's great but I'm not sure if it lets you have more than one account



#1 multiple account support

Yes it does have support for multiple accounts.
Just go to preferences with command , and then go to accounts and then choose add and type in the user name and password for the account and then choose authorize app.

#2 I love night owl. I'm having

I love night owl. I'm having issues with it, but it works grate. I have like 3 accounts that I constently check every day. To get between accounts hit cmd option up and down arrow.


#3 OSX twitter app

can anyone comment on the accessibility of tweet bot for mac?

#4 re: tweetbot

Yeah. I can comment in 1 word from what I remember.. Wait for it ... Wait for it ... Not accessible. Ok that's 2 words but you get the point.

#5 tweet bot

Thank you, that saves me about 19 dollars in attempting to figure that out. what a shame.

#6 Also don't try twitteriffic.

Also don't try twitteriffic. They said their priority is ios for accessibility, not osx, Also a shame as I love twitterrific and woudl love to see it accesssible for osx.

Blessings to all.

#7 And if you value your sanity...

And if you value your sanity, do not go for the native twitter app for OS X. It's all kinds of blah.

#8 twiterrific

Does anyone know if the Twitterific for Mac app has been updated for accessibility? The IOS version rocks....

#9 so far as I know...

So far as I know it hasn't been. Sad times.