Time to start looking for Nicecast alternatives

Hi all,

Earlier this month, Rogue Amoeba published this blog post explaining that Nicecast has now been retired from active development. It will continue to be supported until the end of 2018, then it will be fully deprecated and is unlikely to be supported on the next major MacOS update.

Does anyone know of any alternative broadcasting app that is accessible with VoiceOver? On Rogue Amoeba's blog they seem to talk a lot about Ladiocast, but that only allows audio from devices such as mixers and microphones. An additional tool such as Loopback would be needed in order for Ladiocast to receive audio from apps such as DJay Pro or iTunes.

Thanks for any help.


#1 Anyone?

I've been trying a few apps and still haven't found anything that meets my requirements.
Ladiocast does seem accessible, however, as I said in my original post, it would require an extra tool such as Loopback which I really don't fancy paying for. Does anyone know of any alternatives at all?