accessibility of ibooks in mavericks

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hi all. is it just me or is ibooks inaccessible? i've just listened to the ibooks section of david's podcast and that only scratches the surface. maybe it's just the books i'm reading, but i can only read 1 chapter at a time with the command VO+a. the read next chapter command doesn't work with vo so you have to manually go into the go menu and do it from there and it's a hit and miss if that works at all. the table of contents of a book is inaccessible you go to it with command t try and go up and down through the list and it disappears. as i say it may be the style in which the books are in that i'm reading, their all in ibook format, but i can't read a whole book from start to finnish like on the IOS version. so to summarise. next and previous chapter shortcuts don't work only in some books, table of contents disappears when you try and do anything with it. David, if you read this, please tell me how you have managed to read a whole ibook because it's just not happening for me.. Ibooks was a really exciting feature of mavericks and i'm really disappointed in it. amy



Submitted by Mohammed Al-shara on Saturday, December 7, 2013

Hi. I don't think you're alone. I too struggle with reading a whole book with it. if you note the suggested topics that AppleVis suggests to you after this, you will find out that many others think that Ibooks on Mavericks is very much inaccessible.

Submitted by Maria on Monday, December 9, 2013

HI. This is how I read ibooks. There may be a better way, but this seems to work. Interact with whatever chapter you want to read, let's assume it's chapter one. when the chapter has ended, stop interacting with the area where the chapter is and turn quick nav off if it's on. Press and hold your right arrow. about 5 or so seconds should do it. I guess it scrolls through pages. Now you should have another area to interact with, which should be the next chapter. I hope I have explained this correctly. I never bother with the table of contents so can't help with that.