Accessible Music notation software for mack.

macOS and Mac Apps
Good day. Is anyone aware of anything accessible for music notation for the mack? Thanks.



Submitted by John W. hess on Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Isaac, thanks for the recommendation. Do you use this software and can you tell me if it's fully accessible or are there things that don't work? I don't chart myself but I have a client who may be doing some notation. Anything you can tell me about this program will be helpful. Thanks.

I also want to know about this. I do choral arrangements for a choir I'm in and I need something accessible I can do this arrangement that I can finish in about a year. It has words, notes, a piano line and about 8 or 9 voice parts in homophony by the end of it. I want to make this score look good. I've tried and hated lily pond as it just does not do what I need it to do with out a lot of work on my part. lol! I'ts like html for music. lol! Tc.