can anyone tell me, without sight, how i go about installing windows 10 via bootcamp?

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hello to all,i have read, in a previous thread, that with the latest windows 10 creator update released in the fall or autumn, of 2017, one could wear a standard pair of headphones, set up bootcamp, and when it boots in to the install process of windows, from my connected usb drive, that i could press control command enter, and Narrator would come up talking. this does not work for me, not even with my headset microphone using its output for sound, which is frustrating. so, does anyone know, from the initial language screen, how to go about setting up win 10 or indeed, can i get it talking any way? i do want to use Fusion, but want bootcamp alongside it; since i understand that Fusion 10 can now access the bootcamp partition, and make a machine for it so i'd have the best of both worlds; windows when i qkly₦eed it, for say, duxbury, and bootcamp for playing audiogames that are native to windows. thanks for any help, Will