A couple of questions about VMware Fusion 11.5 and Windows 10

macOS and Mac Apps

I just downloaded the trial version of VMware Fusion 11.5 and successfully created a Windows 10 virtual machine. There are a lot of settings in VMware Fusion and I was wondering if anyone has gone through the torture of figuring out the best settings for a Voice Over user. I am able to get into the VM, and at the moment I am using Narrator as my Windows screen reader. I did reach out to Freedom Scientific and they did give me a 45 day trial license to see if I want to use JAWS. I have used JAWS in the past, but my license expired last year, and the support agent wasn't sure how well JAWS worked in a VM.
I see in Fusion that there are options explicitly for the Mac, but not sure if they should be changed or not. I am running a Mac Book and am just using the built-in keyboard. I am not really interested in attaching a 102 key keyboard to have the JAWS desktop experience. It has been about 1 year since I have used JAWS, so learning it with the laptop setup, won't be that bad.
I saw a lot of old posts on here that talked about key mappers, but they are all out of date, and the software doesn't even either exist or there isn't a version for Mac 10.15.x.
So in short, I am looking for tips and tricks that you can share. Also, I did bump up my VM's memory to 4GB as it was sluggish running with only 2GB. I have a pretty beefy Mac Book, so running out of memory isn't a concern.
Thanks in advance.