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Hi. In iTunes preferences I just found out from google that there is an option to crossfade songs. If I turn this on and then sync my iPod, will the songs crossfade on my iPod to? Also, If I turn crossfading on and then want to turn it off later, can I do that without a computer? Also, is there a way to set crossfading to only be used on some songs or playlists and not others? Thank you.



Submitted by Roland on Saturday, November 15, 2014

Hi Jessica,

these options control the behavior of iTunes itself and they have no impact on how your music is stored. This means that they have no impact on other instances of iTunes, neither on Mac, nor in iOs. As far as I know it is not possible to define or assign any cross-device playback options.

Submitted by Jessica Brown on Sunday, November 16, 2014

So how do I get songs to crossfade on my iPod then? I tried turning on crosfading and then syncing my iPod, but the songs did not crossfade after the sync.

Submitted by Roland on Sunday, November 16, 2014

Hi Jessica,
Have a look at this:
Some (but not all) iPods support crossfading natively.
Please keep in mind that there is a huge difference between crossfading and gapless playback - the latter meaning that playback does not pause between songs but is *not* crossfaded.
What are you trying to accomplish?
If you want to build an automatic dj for a party then you might go a different route anyway.
iTunes is not really goo in mixing - it just overlaps songs and that sounds terrible sometimes.
Have a look at this app, it is supposed to be mostly accessible.

Submitted by Jakob Rosin on Sunday, November 16, 2014

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Yep, DjAy is accessible on iOs as well, so go for it. Also interacts with Spotify so you don't need to actually store the music.

Submitted by Jessica Brown on Monday, November 17, 2014

actually, gapless playback is what I wanted, but I looked around on the net and could not figure out how to set up gapless playback on an iPod so thought I would try crossfading instead. What I have is a short water sound I recorded and what I wanted to do was make 2 coppies of that recording and have them alternate gaplessly so I would end up with a constent water sound without having to have a very big long file.