Djay app on the Mac: iTunes Library problem Urgent help needed

macOS and Mac Apps

I've been using the Djay app on my Mac for nearly a year now, and I've been very satisfied with it. I didn't want to get Djay pro, as I was worried about it's accessibility with VoiceOver. However, today I was faced with a problem and I was wondering if anyone could help with this.
I use 2 iTunes libraries, one for my phone, and one for all my music I use for mixing.
My phone one is on my Mac, but my Djay one is on my external hard drive due to a large amount of music I've got. Recently, even though iTunes itself on my Mac was using the Djay library from my hard drive, the Djay app kept trying to use my personal one. I didn't know how to switch libraries in the DJ app, so I had to delete the personal library, and hope it'll ask me to make it use another iTunes library, and I can select my DJ library.
However, instead whenever I open Djay now, this is the message I get:

djay cannot find your iTunes library ("iTunes Music Library.xml" file).
It then lets me locate it, but it clearly is not looking for a folder, so when I focus on my DJ library folder it doesn't let me open it. What is it looking for? and what can I do to fix this, as I would really want it to work by the end of the week.
Also, if nothing can be done, and I'll be forced to get Djay pro, how is it with VoiceOver?
Can anyone help with this? I'd be very grateful for any help on this.