Getting VoiceOver to speak with 24-hour time

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Hi all,

It's Joseph here. For a while now, I've wanted voiceover to speak the time using 24-hour format, rather than 12-hour format. I have a time-of-day script that I use to get the time, but it only speaks it in 12-hour time. Is there anything I can do to change this to 24-hour? If so, what processes do I need to go through in order to do so?


Joseph D. King, Esquire



Submitted by Karoline on Sunday, January 28, 2018

Hello Joseph,

By making a few changes to the script it’s possible to have VoiceOver speak the time in 24 hour format.

Here is the edited script:…

Simply save the file to a desired location on your hard drive and choose the new script in the VoiceOver utility from the “Commanders” category (Custom commands > Start AppleScript script).