have found a round about way to quote tweets in night owl

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hey all,
i thought i would right a quick little post on a round about way to quote a tweet using night ow witch does not have this feature built in.
since tweetbot Will most likely never fix the bug where names are not read and the native twitter apps march 22 update has broken keyboard shortcuts and even activating items in the menu does not work i feel this is important..
in night owl find a tweet that you want to quote.
hit the letter t witch will open the tweet in your preferred web browser.
copy the link as you would on any other page.
go back to night ow and create a new tweet.
put would you would like to say and then paste the link.
Extremely cumbersome I know and no doubt i will get jack of all the steps after a wile but i feel it's the best we are going to get till night owl releases an update and i'm not holding my breath on that.
hope it helps slightly.
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Submitted by Chris Gilland on Friday, April 7, 2017

Yeah, but the only issue with this is, with quoting you're not limited to the 140 characters limit. With what you're doing, since technically, you're simply just creating a new tweet with Command+N, wouldn't that then along with pasting the URL count against the 140? So, if you're trying to quote something long that almost takes all 140, then, you add the character count from the URL, you're screwed. I very much appreciate your tip; don't read too much into my comment. I'm not saying that it's a dumb idea. Actually, that's quite creative. I definitely didn't think of it, and I'm quite an advanced mac user, so trust me. Your finding is of value. I'm just not totally convinced that it's really going to be completely usable as you clame. I'd love to be corrected though.

Submitted by Ekaj on Friday, April 7, 2017

I like this idea too and will definitely try it out at some point. Regarding going over the 140-character limit, that's not going to be an issue because the URL will be shortened automatically once the tweet is sent.

Submitted by harry6116 on Friday, April 7, 2017

It certainly is something to consider. Unfortunately it's the best we're going to get sadly.