Home and end keys in text editors in Mac OS

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Hello, I have a Mac book air and am therefore using function + left arrow for home key and function + right arrow for end key. When in doc, for example, pressing home (function + left arrow) puts focus in the first doc item and the end key puts the focus on the last item. But when editing text, either in text edit or xcode or any other text editing field, home and end keys don't work. I suspect that the focus of the keyboard cursor goes to beginning of end of line, but vo cursor stays right where it was, what makes writting code or any other text almost impossible. Waht should I do / am I doing something wrong / have you experienced such issue? Thanks, Marlon



Submitted by dvdmth on Saturday, March 1, 2014

In the Mac world, Home is used to scroll the window to the top and End scrolls the window to the bottom, without moving the insertion point or keyboard focus. Likewise, Page Up and Page Down scroll one page without moving the insertion point. Thus, these functions do not work well with VoiceOver. There are other keystrokes that move the insertion point that you may find more suitable. Command + Up arrow moves the insertion point to the beginning of the document, while Command + Down arrow moves to the end. Command + Left and Command + Right are used to move to the beginning or end of a line of text. Option + Up or Down moves by paragraph, while Option + Left or Right moves by word. The arrow keys by themselves moves vertically by line and horizontally by character. Hold Shift to select text while moving. There are also quite a few VoiceOver commands for moving around while interacting with text, which are documented in VoiceOver Help.