Inconsistencies in safari with voice over in mac os 10.8

macOS and Mac Apps
Hello, I am encontrring some inconsistencies with voice over and safari. Most part of the times when I activate a link or button or anything that causes a page load voiceover will put me outside of the html content so I have to interact with html everytime. But one of these days in safari when I activated links I could hear the sound the iphone plays when openning a new window and the html content was automatically updated without forcing me to reinteract and providing a so cool and consistent navigation... I dont know what I did to achieve that and I cant do it again. In google for example it usually acts worse than that ... if I vo space in a link it will start to navegate in a totally inconsistent way calling links ├╝rl"and unless I stop interacting with the html and start again it wont let me access the openned page. In that day when the navegation worked good it didnt happen ... it was kind of perfect but again it happened in a day only. Are there types to work in safari with voiceover in 10.8? Thanks! Marlon