Installing Windows on entire Mac Air's SSD

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Hi all
Is it possible to install Windows on entire Mac Air's SSD? I am switching to Windows and every MB of space is important for me. If it is possible, does it go like this?
1. Installing Windows using BootCamp.
2. Using Disk Utility in Windows 10 to remove MacOS partition and reallocating the space for Windows partition.
Will this lead to loss of data on Windows partition? Will I be able to boot to Windows without risking my files?
Thanks all.


You can't resize the bootcamp

You can't resize the bootcamp partition after it has been created and windows has been installed. There are some awkward ways around this but it's something I did look at when I split my HD down the middle and realised it wasn't the best assignment of storage. Had to remove the partition and then resize. I'd say that a MacBook is not a good option to be used solely as a windows machine, it's always going to be a Mac at its heart and you'll get better compatibility and results with a windows specific box which I believe are fairly inexpensive these days.

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I copied my comments on another post with some similar topic:

Today I installed Windows 10 on Mac Air 11 Inch. What was really good about the process is that I could wipe the entire MacOS SSD and install MS Windows. So I was benefiting from every MB available on my SSD. Goodbye MacOS forever!

Something more to note here, I did not get Narrator speaking once the setup start screen where you are required to choose the language for the OS. However when I plugged in 3.5 headphones I could get speak. Note that the left alt on Mac keyboard is just the left Windows button, and the left Windows button is the left alt key. So to start narrator you need to press ctrl+Left windows+Return, the left windows key is just next to the space bar. Of course you can remap these keys after you are fully logged on including the application key!

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You're very very close. Oliver. I think you're slightly confused. She's not wanting to resize the bootcamp partition. Although you are correct that going through bootcamp wouldn't totally work. What you want to do is, yes. Initially, you would use Bootcamp. But! here's the catch. You're not going to actually install Windows. What you're going to do is, use Bootcamp long enough to create your Bootcamp supported software for your Macbook Air. Just like you'd normally do if you were going to hypothetically use BC. Let it make the USB drive with the drivers. Now, put that aside. Pocket it, or whatever, but don't lose it, as you'll need it eventually. Next, go on the microsoft website, and grab the iso for the Windows 10 media, and get it created to a USB flash drive separate from the one with your driver media. I'd suggest at least minimum a 16GB drive for this, if not more. Making the bootable media goes beyond the scope of this posted comment, but essentially use disk utility on the mac, or the media creation tool on another windows PC, or if you're really geeky as I am, then use dd under terminal. Once created, reboot the mac with the bootable drive plugged in. As soon as you hit the power button on the mac, continue tholding down your left options key. After about 10 to 15 seconds, probably overkill, but just to be safe, release the options key. You'll now be at a boot menu with all your bootable volumes. One of them should be your USB drive. It probably will be labeled as EFI boot. It may say windows 10, but don't quote me on that. It'll be one or the other. I honestly don't remember. The thumbnail icon, if someone looks for you, will look like a USB flash/pindrive. Tab and shift tab until it's highlighted, then hit return.

This should boot you to the USB drive. Now, go through the Windows setup like normal. You probably will want to use a USB headset, so you will have sound, and can hear Narrator or the like. When you get to the screen asking what drive to install Windows on to, hit advanced, I think it's alt+A, but don't quote me. Once there, you want to delete all partitions. Literally, your mac partition, the recovery, everything. Note this will wipe everything, so make sure you've backed things up you may need later. So now, you should have a completely unpartitioned unallocated drive. Now, hit create, I believe it's alt+C, but again don't quote me. Make one big partition, that covers the entire drive, alocated to every bit of space possible. Once created, hit format if that is an option. If not, then just click next. Now finnish the setup as normal. Once Windows is totally up and at your desktop, put in your drivers USB drive, and run setup.exe. Let it go through and install everything. Then, regardless if it asks you to, I'd reboot, just to be safe. There you go! Mission accomplished! Now, if needed, install JAWS, NVDA, Zoomtext, whatever you need, and you're good to go.