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On icanworkthisthink.com I found a podcast about Logic Pro X Drummer. The podcaster adjusts the x/y pad area with Voiceover. Unfortunately he doesn‘t name the keys he uses for. I just can‘t get arround it. Could somebody please explain me step by step how it works? Thanks very much!



Submitted by Carlos Taylor on Tuesday, April 21, 2020

That was one of my earlier recordings. After listening to it, I'm amazed and apologize for how terrible it was. I definitely could have done a better job of explaining and editing to make it sound a bit more polished. in fact, I may record that again as Logic has made some changes and some of the material in the recording doesn't apply to the latest version of Logic. Anyway, here is how you interact with the x/y pad in the drummer editor.

1. Interact with the x/y pad with VO+Shift+down-arrow.
2. Press VO+command+` "accent" to enable VoiceOver's move item feature.
3. Use VO+arrow keys, left, right, up, or down. VoiceOver will tell you that you've moved by 20 points. Note, you can use VO+shift+arrow-keys to move in smaller increments. VoiceOver announces that you move by 2 points instead of 20.
4. Once you have things set the way you want them, press escape to stop moving the item in the x/y pad.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions. By the way, there are some excellent tutorials on using Logic Pro with VoiceOver on http://logic.band