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hello everyone, just wanted to write and say if you haven't heard yet the mac app store is released as of five thirty Pacific time this morning. Heres my thoughts on it sense i'm on a macbook. I look the mac app store, but the only downside i see to it is I don't think their is a way to view descriptions of apps in the store. if anyone else has tried it can you reply in this thread and give us some insight on how to view app descriptions?



Submitted by John Greer on Friday, January 7, 2011

Once you are in the app store, you may need to interact with the html content. Once you interact with the html content, you will hear the apps as they are listed on the page. For example: Pac-Man group. Once you hear that you can interact with the group object, then you should be able to navigate to each of the elements in the group. One of them will be a link of the apps name. If you activate that link, it will take you to a description page. Once the description page has loaded, interact with the html content again. What you will then find will be much like you would encounter in the iDevices app store with options to buy the app etc.

Submitted by brandon armstrong on Saturday, January 8, 2011

hi thanks goes out to john Greer for telling me about this. I figured it out and it's great. I've already found a scanner app in the app store but don't know if we can use it yet.