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Hi. Are there any good userguides for this app? I'm really struggling to play stuff either in my library or from apple music. I'm new and I'd just like to make the learning process as efficient as possible.




Submitted by Pyro2790 on Thursday, July 30, 2020

I know it has changed slightly since it was iTunes and they split things into a couple apps. I don't find it very intuitive to navigate the interface. If you have an IOS device such as an iPad or iPhone you can use the remote app to control the music on your computer. The remote app is much easier to use with VoiceOver especially if you want to quickly shuffle your tracks, skip to the next or previous song, control the volume etc. Not the best solution and it is a bit of a work around, but I've never found the music/iTunes app particularly easy to use on the Mac with voiceOver. There are too many regions and places you have to interact with in order to get features to work. There are a couple key commands to make things a bit easier to use such as previous and next and volume control, but they only work within the app and I believe quick navigation has to be off for the key commands to work properly.