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Hi All,

I'm all for making life easier :) recently i'm going through the frustrations of sound cards on windows, updating my sonar program and updating the necessary scrips for jaws!

Wouldn't it be so wonderful if our macs could turn in to recording studios! with everything else apple products are so so easy! :)

I know we can use garage band but I can't get my head around it at all! is it fully accessible with voice over? are we to record our vocals for example in IOS device and then send to mac?

also on the topic of CakeWalk sonar have any of you guys used it on the mac?




Submitted by Devin on Sunday, June 1, 2014

Hello Sabrina,
I have run sonar under windows 7 64bit on a mac and it is no different then on a windows only machine.
Sonar does not natively run on OSX so must be installed on a windows partition or virtual machine.
Both Logic x and Garageband are accessible on the mac, however when you dive into things like customizing virtual instruments holes begin to appear in voiceover's access to the interface.
For basic recording I can recommend both garageband and logic, but if you use custom setting and like to adjust perameters I would stick with sonar for the moment.
Here's hoping this situation is resolved quickly as Logic's workflow and interface is much more modern than sonar's.